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Making It With Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett and David Picciuto

Oct 7, 2016

This week Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett and David Picciuto talk about when to get help with your work. What We're Working On Jimmy Diresta - Maker Faire NY David Picciuto - Acrylic clocks Bob Clagett - Custom car horn for any car Links: What we're watching: David's Pick of the Week: Katz-Moses Woodworking Bob's Pick of the Week: 3d Printing Nerd Jimmy's Pick of the Week: Barnacules Nerdgasm Special thanks to all of our patrons on Patreon for supporting this episode! Especially: Make Build Modify Luis Dan Krupnik Corey Creehan Thomas Parson Jared Shaw Afaque Amanulla Carl Brink Ben Uyeda Michael Sepe If you enjoy the show, please consider supporting us on Patreon